Artikelen door Mussar

The Ramchal on ZOOM

Dr  Henry Abramson gave a very interesting presentation of his thoughts on Moshe Chaim Luzzatto on Yom Yerushalayim 5780 via ZOOM videoconferencing. Well worth attending! Here the link. Skip the ads and don’t be bothered by the messy introduction. The lecture is great.

Schmoezen oktober 2020

Heb jij belangstelling voor Mussar? Wil je er meer van weten? Zondag 18 oktober komen (oud-)deelnemers aan de Nederlandse Mussar-groepen bij elkaar. Je bent van harte welkom. Meld je alvast aan op

A Mussar Moment with Alan Morinis

May 12 is the celebration of Lag BaOmer when traditionally in Israel wood is collected, bonfires are lit and BBQ’s are enjoyed. We can’t convene live to celebrate this year, but: we are going to be virtually connected by ZOOM. Read more What do you want to do ? New mailCopy

De Mussar methode

In het Pesach nummer van de Benjamin, het magazine van Joods Maatschappelijk Werk, verscheen een artikel dat Marga nog kort voor haar dood had geschreven. Klik hier om het artikel te lezen. What do you want to do ? New mailCopy

In Memoriam

In de NIW van 1 Kislev 5780 verscheen een artikel van de hand van David Simon. There was an article published in the leading Dutch Jewish Weekly NIW in memory of Marga Vogel. Written from the heart by David Simon. It has been translated in English. Press the link to read the translation: Marga Vogel.     […]


We are all in shock. Last thursday, november 21, we had to bury our beloved Marga Vogel. A terrible loss for all of us. We trust, and comfort ourselves thinking, she is needed elsewhere with her zeal, courage, generosity, loving-kindness and compassion. Let her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.