Mussar Summer Academy 2017

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Luzzatto in Amsterdam

2017 June 22 – 24;
Keynote speaker:  Alan Morinis, author of Every Day Holiness.

Moshe Chaim Luzzatto lived in Amsterdam between 1735 and 1743. His book ‘Mesillat Yesharim’ (Path of the Just) is considered to be one of the classics in the Jewish spiritual tradition.

Why was ‘Messilat Yesharim’ written in a non-Kabbalistic way? Was Ramchal  considered a Jewish mystic? What is known about Luzzatto’s years in Amsterdam? You will experience a mix of lectures & workshops about Mussar and Jewish entertainment.

The venue is in the recently restored Uilenburger synagogue in the Jewish Cultural Quarter in the heart of Amsterdam.

Evening programs include a Candlelight Concert in the Esnoga, the late 17th-century Sephardic synagogue, Shabbat services and kosher finger food.

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